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The Web 2.0 Magnifying Glass

Or, how we should be selling the stories. If you have been blogging or reading blogs for awhile I don’t think you can miss the incestuous nature of blogging, meaning, all blogs link to other blogs which all link back … Continue reading

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Highschool 2.0

Hope Dave, a commenter from TechCrunch, doesn’t mind me borrowing that, that’s what he called this post on TechCrunch by Michael Arrington, Blogger Wars: How Jason Calacanis Gets Even. This kind of reminds me of some YouTube videos I have … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Top Priority? Windows Live

Steve Ballmer, when addressing the Gartner Symposium, told them that we are in a transition to software that is live, it will be click to run, and Windows Live is their top priority. There are nearly a dozen services that … Continue reading

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GooTube, Does Google Have Too Much Money?

Well, Google did it, they bought YouTube, and if you have read any of my blogs you’d know I thought some of these valuations were crazy, I still think so, but, I think Google can pull it off. Take the … Continue reading

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eBay Launches MyWorld

Hoping to exploit the social scene like everybody else, eBay launches MyWorld, where you get publishing space to tell the community what makes you … you. Its probably not a bad idea, whenever you click someones username it will go … Continue reading

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Microsoft Launches Wallop, the Pretty Social Network

Microsoft has just launched Wallop, previously a semi-forgotten Microsoft Research “sandbox” social network and photo sharing project, it has VC funding already, Wallop, the social networking startup that was spun out of Microsoft Research Labs earlier this year, has landed … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 Wap Song

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Microsoft Releasing Video Site

Looks like Microsoft is jumping on the user created video site bandwagon, ala Youtube, with Soapbox at MSN video. Techcrunch has some info on it, but he also said no one has answered any of the emails he has sent … Continue reading

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Second Life Database Hacked

While checking out Techcrunch today, saw an article about Second Life being hacked and user information being stolen. The database did not include credit card info, apparently that is kept in a different, hopefully more secure, database. High profile virtual … Continue reading

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Facebook Apologizes and makes the Feeds Better

I didn’t really post anything about the big Facebook blow up over the feed changes they made recently. These was a good writeup on Techcrunch, basically, Facebook launched a couple new feeds in the hopes of helping users know whats … Continue reading

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