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Sad State of News on the Internet

It really is a shame how most news organizations are adopting the “catchy or dramatic title” on their articles to pull in web traffic. Case in point: Militants in Iraq have used $26 off-the-shelf software to intercept live video feeds … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Commercials

Check out all of the Super Bowl Commercials we have just finished uploading to Funniest Videos Online, I think we have got all of the funny 2007 commercials, we have lots from previous years as well. One of my favorites … Continue reading

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iPod iTunes iMac iTox iWaste

Greenpeace has launched a parody site of, I guess to shame them into changing some of their production methods, and become greener and more environmental. The only mention of any other computer manufacturer I saw was Dell and HP … Continue reading

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Should We Stick with Manual Voting Machines?

The longer you are around technology, the easier it becomes to use, the more it becomes ingrained in your lives, that it’s often impossible to imagine there being a better way. But with the recent report on Diebold Election Systems … Continue reading

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Wound from 911 Still Open

A nice commentary from Keith Olbermann on 911, how the government has forgotton about 911 and how without a memorial, the wound will always be open. A prime time ripping if I ever saw one. He talks about how after … Continue reading

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91101 Birth of the Blogosphere

Interesting read on Wired news about the events on 911 helping to create blogging. People posting stories and links, pictures and more, all in hopes of getting the word out about what happened. While phone networks and big news sites … Continue reading

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My 911 Post

I wish I had something really profound to say on the subject, but all I have are the memories, watching the replays of the first airliner hitting one of the towers, and then watching live as the second hit the … Continue reading

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AOL Releases CTO and Two Others for Data Leak

The fallout is starting at AOL for the release of search data of 650,000 users, with AOL releasing it’s CTO and two others. They’ve apologized and gotten the attention of capitol hill, now it’s all over but the firing. Maureen … Continue reading

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Dell Knew About Battery Problems for Years

As everyone is aware, Dell has recalled over 4.1 million batteries in it’s laptops because some of these batteries have caught on fire. But an article on says that Dell knew about the problem for over two years. A … Continue reading

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JonBenet’s Killer, John Mark Karr, in Custody

Looks like they may have the person who killed JonBenet Ramsey in custody, although this certainly is not for sure yet, he, John Mark Karr, has admited to killing her, but says it was an accident. “He said he was … Continue reading

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