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New Microsoft Ad Campaign

There was a lot of people who blogged about how bad the new ad campaign from Microsoft looked with this first commercial. Now, obviously they have to set it up if it is going to be a campaign, like the … Continue reading

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Annoying TV Ads

If you have watched any shows on TNT lately, you know exactly what kind of ads this article from the NYTimes is talking about, the ad industry calls them a snipe, but they are annoying as hell when you are … Continue reading

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Funny Ad

Here is an ad for I just saw on Google. I’d like to know how many people actually click on it. Filthy rich? We’ll help. Throw away your newfound cash at Woot. You’re welcome.

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Nice Ad About European Films


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Google’s CPA, or PPA, Network

Lots and lots of talk about Google’s entry into the CPA realm with their Pay per action beta test, it’s big news for affiliates, advertising agencies, merchants but especially, affiliate networks like CJ, Linkshare and Shareasale. Pay-per-action advertising is a … Continue reading

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Google Doing Electronic Billboards

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Google wants to control all advertising, and, according to some patent filings, it looks like they are definitely moving in that direction. According to an article from Clickz, a patent … Continue reading

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