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New Microsoft Ad Campaign

There was a lot of people who blogged about how bad the new ad campaign from Microsoft looked with this first commercial. Now, obviously they have to set it up if it is going to be a campaign, like the … Continue reading

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Top 20 Websites by Unique Visitors

Hard to believe, but in October there were 20 websites that had over 20 million unique visitors apiece! If you put all four of Microsoft’s sites together, they are number 1 by over 80 million unique visitors! According to

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Pron Prank and Your Image

I have been reading the little episode between the Microsoft RSS Team Blog and Niall Kennedy with some interest, it appears Sean Lyndersay posted an image of Niall’s from Flickr and did not post a link or attribute the photo … Continue reading

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MSN Invites Advertisers to Test ContentAds

Looks like Microsoft is ramping up their advertising efforts, inviting advertisers to test their ContentAds system, which is supposed to begin this fall. Hopefully, as Jen says, this will end up running on non Microsoft sites as well, much like … Continue reading

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Google Announces Office 2.0

If anyone here reads techmeme, then today is Google day, easily half of the page is dedicated to this story, the story of Google releasing more beta products to try to claim market share from Microsoft. Google released the info … Continue reading

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