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Slow Link Building

Is it written into affiliate programs that they should run slow when I go to build links? Is it written in the code somewhere if = jimmy daniels then create links = slow? Sure seems that way.

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Gateway Shutting Down Affiliate Program, Online Website Sales

Just got this message through CJ that said Gateway is shutting down their affiliate program and the website will become an educational website. They also give the typical 2 or 3 day notice, as always, affiliate marketers take it … Continue reading

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Webmaster Stuff

Best SES Session – Are Paid Links Evil? We’re only half-way through SES San Jose but I think we’ve already seen the best panel discussion of the event. “Are Paid Links Evil” saw Matt Cutts go head to head with … Continue reading

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Dell Homes Moves to CJ, Disses Linkshare

Just got this email from the Dell Home program on Linkshare, I get the feeling Linkshare won’t be liking how they worded it. Too bad their program sucks, gotta use em though cause they are one of the top dogs. … Continue reading

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UK Internet Advertising Bureau Launches First Search Marketing Best Practice Charter

The Internet Advertising Bureau in the UK and the Direct Marketing Association are launching the first search marketing charter to establish best practices throughout the industry. Each search marketing company must meet four requirements to allow them to promote themselves … Continue reading

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Goldencan Performance

I had several pages recently pop back into Google after a long sabbatical, I didn’t think they would remain for very long, so I added some Goldencan stores and forgot about them. Well, they have remained in for a month … Continue reading

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How Serious is Affiliate Marketing?

I’ve had this post sitting here for a LONG time, as you can see this post is numbered #9, and what do I do, I completely rewrite it. I just finished reading this blog entry Corruption in Affiliate Marketing by … Continue reading

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AOL Releases Searches From 650,000 Users

Remember the big hubbub of the Government trying to get search data from Google and Microsoft last year? Well, apparently no one at AOL does, they just released search data from 650,000 users, they removed the AOL username, but just … Continue reading

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Google Coupons Page for Google Checkout

Just read this post by Shmuly Tennenhaus from, and he posted something that is going to be big. He just found a Google Coupons page that is already ranking for many coupon searches! This page looks like your typical … Continue reading

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ValueClick Takes on Zango, 180solutions, as an Advertiser

Was just reading Wayne Porter’s Summit Insight: Good Example Mr. Storm & Bad Example Mr. Zango where he congratulates Tim Storm for winning the Legends award, and he takes Zango to task for more of their “bad affiliates” bull crap. … Continue reading

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