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Best SES Session – Are Paid Links Evil? We’re only half-way through SES San Jose but I think we’ve already seen the best panel discussion of the event. “Are Paid Links Evil” saw Matt Cutts go head to head with … Continue reading

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Chikita Blog Bash 30 Days of Blogging

30 days of blogging from thirty different expert bloggers, including Chris Pirillo, someone from Gizmodo, some from problogger, someone from the gadgeteer, and many more, 26 more as a matter of fact. Thirty blogging gurus will be taking over the … Continue reading

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MyBlogLog Bans ShoeMoney

Yo, Money, it’s the shoes! Boy if there was ever a better nickname for an affiliate marketer than ShoeMoney, then I don’t know what it is. Jeremy Schoemaker is a popular affiliate marketer who was recently very supportive of MyBlogLog, … Continue reading

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How Serious is Affiliate Marketing?

I’ve had this post sitting here for a LONG time, as you can see this post is numbered #9, and what do I do, I completely rewrite it. I just finished reading this blog entry Corruption in Affiliate Marketing by … Continue reading

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Another Good Reason to Shop Online

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Yahoo and, A Match Made in Heaven?

Lot of stuff showing up recently about click fraud, online partnerships and whose watching the store, so this one should come as no surprise, Doing Business With A Controversial Partner part of the big click fraud story on Businessweek titled … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Online Advertising

Another big click fraud report came out today, Businessweek Click Fraud The dark side of online advertising. It hits home with a lot of people because they have the same experiences with Google, if Google wasn’t so secretive about how … Continue reading

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MSN Invites Advertisers to Test ContentAds

Looks like Microsoft is ramping up their advertising efforts, inviting advertisers to test their ContentAds system, which is supposed to begin this fall. Hopefully, as Jen says, this will end up running on non Microsoft sites as well, much like … Continue reading

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Big Social Network Advertising Deals

Social networks continue to do ad deals to try to make some of the money that everyone seems to think they are worth. Google and MySpace just did a close to billion dollar deal and now Facebook and MSN are … Continue reading

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Next Up at Google, Local Coupons

Note: If you are looking for online coupons, then try out a coupon site like Latest Coupons. I’m beginning to believe that Google wants to be synonymous with Internet, Google Videos, Google Maps, Google News, Google Talk, Google Coupons, everywhere … Continue reading

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