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Homemade Key Opens Diebold AccuVote-TS Electronic Voting Machines

We have discussed before how easy it would be to rig an election using some of today‚Äôs e-voting machines, like the ones made by Diebold. Ed Feltenof the Freedom to Tinker blog first told us how easy it would be … Continue reading

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E-Voting Problems

I had talked earlier about Election Fraud and how easy it could be using the new e-voting machines that everyone wants to use nowadays. Well it appears that there are plenty of e-voting problems according to this post on Techdirt, … Continue reading

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Saddam Hussein Sentenced to Hang

An Iraqi court sentenced Saddam Hussein to hang today for crimes against humanity, as he and six subordinates were sentenced for the 1982 killings of 148 Iraqi’s in a single Shiite town after someone attempted to kill him there, of … Continue reading

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CNN Video Demonstrates Voting Machine Virus

Nice video from CNN with one of the professors who tested the Diebold e-voting machines, demonstrating hacking the e-voting machines with a virus. It also talks about people suing to have these machines removed and not used. I think the … Continue reading

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Should We Stick with Manual Voting Machines?

The longer you are around technology, the easier it becomes to use, the more it becomes ingrained in your lives, that it’s often impossible to imagine there being a better way. But with the recent report on Diebold Election Systems … Continue reading

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Wound from 911 Still Open

A nice commentary from Keith Olbermann on 911, how the government has forgotton about 911 and how without a memorial, the wound will always be open. A prime time ripping if I ever saw one. He talks about how after … Continue reading

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How Hard is Election Fraud?

Just reading about the new Diebold e-voting machines and how little security seems to have been a consideration, as there has been multiple reports on how easy it is to hack into. From USA Today, A Princeton University computer science … Continue reading

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Al Gore Says the Internet Isn’t as Powerful as TV

He must be getting senile, I mean he invented the internet right? Hehe. He says the goal is to drive content from the Internet to the TV. From Reuters, Although the Internet is a democratizing force, television is still the … Continue reading

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Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA) Passes the House

US House Resolution 5319, the Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA), was passed by a 410 to 15 vote tonight. If the Resolution becomes law social networking sites and chat rooms must be blocked by schools and libraries on those institutions … Continue reading

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