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AOL Triton Active Update Fix

Note: Everyone should check the later comments below out, as people are always leaving different ways to remove the AOL popup from this and later versions. If anyone has been getting the damn active update popup from AOL Instant Messenger, … Continue reading

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Deceptive Pay Per Click Ads

Ben Edelman has once again done some research, but this time he is talking about deceptive pay per click marketing. He takes search engines to tak in their practice of allowing deceptive pay per click advertising, how they profit from … Continue reading

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Alexa is Useful and Accurate, for the most part

While checking Techmeme I noticed this article called Why Alexa Is Worthless by John Chow. He says the usual things about how easy it is to manipulate the rankings be you and your friends installing the toolbar and surfing their … Continue reading

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AOL User No. 4417749 Found Easily

Just finished reading this article from the New York Times about how one reporter easily found search user No. 4417749, a user found because AOL Released the Searches of 650,000 users. Thelma Arnold, a 62-year-old widow who lives in Lilburn, … Continue reading

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AOL Apologizes for Releasing User Data

From, AOL is apologizing for releasing the user search data that was released yesterday. The randomly selected data, which focused on 658,000 subscribers and posted 10 days ago, was among the tools intended for use on the recently launched … Continue reading

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AOL Releases Searches From 650,000 Users

Remember the big hubbub of the Government trying to get search data from Google and Microsoft last year? Well, apparently no one at AOL does, they just released search data from 650,000 users, they removed the AOL username, but just … Continue reading

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