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Wired Digital Buys Reddit, Who’s Next?

Wired Digital has announced that it is acquiring social news site Reddit, the exact terms of the deal were not disclosed. The four employee company will move to San Francisco, where they will colaborate with Wired using it’s core technology … Continue reading

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eBay Launches MyWorld

Hoping to exploit the social scene like everybody else, eBay launches MyWorld, where you get publishing space to tell the community what makes you … you. Its probably not a bad idea, whenever you click someones username it will go … Continue reading

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More Fuzzy Social Network Math

Big numbers are floating around the social network scene again, as Jordan Rohan, an RBC capital analyst, says, after a meeting with Fox interactive, that MySpace could be worth 15 billion, measured in terms of the value created for shareholders … Continue reading

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Microsoft Launches Wallop, the Pretty Social Network

Microsoft has just launched Wallop, previously a semi-forgotten Microsoft Research “sandbox” social network and photo sharing project, it has VC funding already, Wallop, the social networking startup that was spun out of Microsoft Research Labs earlier this year, has landed … Continue reading

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Facebook Apologizes and makes the Feeds Better

I didn’t really post anything about the big Facebook blow up over the feed changes they made recently. These was a good writeup on Techcrunch, basically, Facebook launched a couple new feeds in the hopes of helping users know whats … Continue reading

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Can You Digg It?

Wow. Things certainly are jumping in social town, looks like some digg users are jumping ship, some people are happy, some sad, what’s going on you ask? Looks to me like people are getting fed up with the way digg … Continue reading

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It’s Official Jason Calacanis Was Right

Okay, I’ve officially changed my mind, [tag]Jason Calacanis[/tag] was right. Originally, I didn’t think the offer, as it has become known, was a good idea. In a nutshell, he offered to pay $1,000 a month for “social bookmarking” rights. Put … Continue reading

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Big Social Network Advertising Deals

Social networks continue to do ad deals to try to make some of the money that everyone seems to think they are worth. Google and MySpace just did a close to billion dollar deal and now Facebook and MSN are … Continue reading

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Digg User Profile Geekforlife Goes for $822

How much is a top 75 user on digg worth? According to this auction, $822. I had posted about this auction earlier, Top 100 Digg Profile for Sale on eBay and just realized I hadn’t followed up to see how … Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Talk to them. It’s that simple, tell them there are bad people in the world who are looking to take advantage of them, tell them you can’t really be 100% safe unless they are at home, let them know they … Continue reading

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