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Interview with MySpace Zango Pusher Mark Arruda

You just never know what you are going to read when you go to Paperghost’s site,, and today was no exception. He found a newspaper interview about this enterprising young webmaster that makes “big bucks” designing web sites. And … Continue reading

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Banner Ad on Myspace Infects Over 1 Million Computers

In an article from The Washington Post, an ad for was using the Windows Metafile flaw to load a Trojan horse program that loaded crap from the PurityScan/ClickSpring family of adware. The users pc would then be bombarded with … Continue reading

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Vonage Funding Spyware

In one of his amazing and detailed writeups, Ben Edelman exposes Vonage as the spyware supporters they are, in this post How Vonage Funds Spyware. I ought to be a Vonage enthusiast. I support Vonage’s efforts to protect network neutrality. … Continue reading

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Would you kindly shut your noise-hole?

The spin coming from Zango is amazing as always. Note: Chris, I like peanut butter cookies. In an article from InformationWeek, Zango representatives responded to the Paperghost’s blog about Zango and Myspace, called Teenagers used to push Zango on Myspace?, … Continue reading

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ValueClick Takes on Zango, 180solutions, as an Advertiser

Was just reading Wayne Porter’s Summit Insight: Good Example Mr. Storm & Bad Example Mr. Zango where he congratulates Tim Storm for winning the Legends award, and he takes Zango to task for more of their “bad affiliates” bull crap. … Continue reading

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Browsezilla Inflates Your Pron

A free web browser, called Browsezilla, downloads adware to inflate page views on porn sites. The things people create to make money… Browsezilla, whose name and Lizard-like mascot are reminiscent of the open-source Mozilla browser products, claims to help surfers … Continue reading

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