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Al Gore Says the Internet Isn’t as Powerful as TV

He must be getting senile, I mean he invented the internet right? Hehe. He says the goal is to drive content from the Internet to the TV. From Reuters, Although the Internet is a democratizing force, television is still the … Continue reading

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MSN Invites Advertisers to Test ContentAds

Looks like Microsoft is ramping up their advertising efforts, inviting advertisers to test their ContentAds system, which is supposed to begin this fall. Hopefully, as Jen says, this will end up running on non Microsoft sites as well, much like … Continue reading

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The Second Life Situation

This is pretty funny, and pretty much how I felt about Second Life, at least until Wayne and Eric showed me some stuff last night. It is pretty cool, and I can definitely see how some people can get lost … Continue reading

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Google Announces Office 2.0

If anyone here reads techmeme, then today is Google day, easily half of the page is dedicated to this story, the story of Google releasing more beta products to try to claim market share from Microsoft. Google released the info … Continue reading

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Big Social Network Advertising Deals

Social networks continue to do ad deals to try to make some of the money that everyone seems to think they are worth. Google and MySpace just did a close to billion dollar deal and now Facebook and MSN are … Continue reading

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Nasa World Wind

This is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time, Nasa World Mind, it’s challenging Google Earth and kicking it’s butt! You can zoom in from outer space to anywhere on the globe, I zoomed in to my … Continue reading

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If Only…

If only AOL searcher 4417749, Thelma Arnold, could’ve had access to some of these new “tools” coming out, she might not have been so easy to find. Lost in the Crowd hopes to give back the anonymity that has been … Continue reading

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AOL Releases CTO and Two Others for Data Leak

The fallout is starting at AOL for the release of search data of 650,000 users, with AOL releasing it’s CTO and two others. They’ve apologized and gotten the attention of capitol hill, now it’s all over but the firing. Maureen … Continue reading

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Digg User Profile Geekforlife Goes for $822

How much is a top 75 user on digg worth? According to this auction, $822. I had posted about this auction earlier, Top 100 Digg Profile for Sale on eBay and just realized I hadn’t followed up to see how … Continue reading

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Dell Knew About Battery Problems for Years

As everyone is aware, Dell has recalled over 4.1 million batteries in it’s laptops because some of these batteries have caught on fire. But an article on says that Dell knew about the problem for over two years. A … Continue reading

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