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eBay Launches MyWorld

Hoping to exploit the social scene like everybody else, eBay launches MyWorld, where you get publishing space to tell the community what makes you … you. Its probably not a bad idea, whenever you click someones username it will go … Continue reading

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Alexa is Useful and Accurate, for the most part

While checking Techmeme I noticed this article called Why Alexa Is Worthless by John Chow. He says the usual things about how easy it is to manipulate the rankings be you and your friends installing the toolbar and surfing their … Continue reading

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More Fuzzy Social Network Math

Big numbers are floating around the social network scene again, as Jordan Rohan, an RBC capital analyst, says, after a meeting with Fox interactive, that MySpace could be worth 15 billion, measured in terms of the value created for shareholders … Continue reading

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iPod iTunes iMac iTox iWaste

Greenpeace has launched a parody site of, I guess to shame them into changing some of their production methods, and become greener and more environmental. The only mention of any other computer manufacturer I saw was Dell and HP … Continue reading

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Microsoft Launches Wallop, the Pretty Social Network

Microsoft has just launched Wallop, previously a semi-forgotten Microsoft Research “sandbox” social network and photo sharing project, it has VC funding already, Wallop, the social networking startup that was spun out of Microsoft Research Labs earlier this year, has landed … Continue reading

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AOL Members Suing AOL for Privacy Violations

Three AOL members have filed suit against AOL LLC, the internet division of Time Warner, the lawsuit, which was filed as C-06-5866, says AOL violated their privacy by posting their searches online. In a previous post I mentioned AOL Releasing … Continue reading

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Yahoo and, A Match Made in Heaven?

Lot of stuff showing up recently about click fraud, online partnerships and whose watching the store, so this one should come as no surprise, Doing Business With A Controversial Partner part of the big click fraud story on Businessweek titled … Continue reading

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CNN Video Demonstrates Voting Machine Virus

Nice video from CNN with one of the professors who tested the Diebold e-voting machines, demonstrating hacking the e-voting machines with a virus. It also talks about people suing to have these machines removed and not used. I think the … Continue reading

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Obey these 11 simple rules and I won’t have road rage

Got this in an email called Obey these 9 11 simple rules and I won’t have road rage, I’ve added some of my own at the end. Warning, some of these have curse words. 1. If you’re in the left … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Online Advertising

Another big click fraud report came out today, Businessweek Click Fraud The dark side of online advertising. It hits home with a lot of people because they have the same experiences with Google, if Google wasn’t so secretive about how … Continue reading

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