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NBC May Put SNL Rehearsals in a Webcast

In a move I think would be brilliant for NBC, the network is considering posting the Saturday Night Live rehearsals in a webcast. This would be a brilliant move in my opinion, it has the chance of bringing new viewers … Continue reading

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Spider-Man Fox TV Clips With Venom and Sandman

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The Web 2.0 Magnifying Glass

Or, how we should be selling the stories. If you have been blogging or reading blogs for awhile I don’t think you can miss the incestuous nature of blogging, meaning, all blogs link to other blogs which all link back … Continue reading

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Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song on SNL

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Happy Thanksgiving

WKRP Thanksgiving Turkey Drop

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Highschool 2.0

Hope Dave, a commenter from TechCrunch, doesn’t mind me borrowing that, that’s what he called this post on TechCrunch by Michael Arrington, Blogger Wars: How Jason Calacanis Gets Even. This kind of reminds me of some YouTube videos I have … Continue reading

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All Yahoo Needs is Some Grape Jelly and Milk

A memo from Brad Garlinghouse, a Yahoo senior vice president, says that instead of a peanut butter sandwich, Yahoo should eat a spoonful of peanut butter, no wait, he said that Yahoo is spreading itself too thin, like peanut butter … Continue reading

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Jason Calacanis Leaving AOL

It’s official, [tag]Jason Calacanis[/tag] is leaving AOL, and after reading his post about Jim Miller, I would say it is largely because of his departure as well, although it could just be an easy time to say adios. This appears … Continue reading

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Checkout Google Checkout

Mike Arrington has given Google checkout a pretty good review on the TechCrunch website, they have been using it for some of their stuff, billing event sponsors, etc, and like it better than paypal, but if you check out the … Continue reading

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E-Voting Problems

I had talked earlier about Election Fraud and how easy it could be using the new e-voting machines that everyone wants to use nowadays. Well it appears that there are plenty of e-voting problems according to this post on Techdirt, … Continue reading

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