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Movie Monsters Wish You a Merry Christmas

Here is a funny video of Darth Vader, Freddy Krueger, Jason, Chucky, Dracula, The Mummy, Hannibal Lector, the girl from The Ring and others make an appaerance in this DirectTV commercial, not sure where it’s from though.

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Hope everyone and their familes have or had a great Christmas, looking at the smiles on my kids faces, I’m pretty sure they are enjoying it, here are some great funny videos concerning Christmas from Funniest Videos Online.

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50 Greatest Cartoons of all Time

Found this great blog post about the 50 greatest cartoons of all time, which he found on wikipedia. I have purchased several cartoon collections that say they contain the greatest cartoons of all time, so I will definitely be comparing … Continue reading

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Is the Google Phone Coming?

The Observer is reporting that there is a Google Phone in the works, they appear to be working with HTC and mobile/telecom giant Orange, the phone will probably include software from Google and it should be available by 2008. Google … Continue reading

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Civility 101

I just read this post by David Pogue called Whatever Happened to Online Etiquette? and I have to say I agree and disagree. While people certainly are rude and aholes when they are “anonymous”, such as posting on digg or … Continue reading

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Google Copying Yahoo!?

That title looks funny. Saw a post on Google Blogoscoped about how Google is now pushing a branded version of IE7, much like Yahoo has been doing, that includes the Google Toolbar and the search is of course Google’s. When … Continue reading

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Top 20 Websites by Unique Visitors

Hard to believe, but in October there were 20 websites that had over 20 million unique visitors apiece! If you put all four of Microsoft’s sites together, they are number 1 by over 80 million unique visitors! According to

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Blockbuster Still Sucks

In a move that won’t be dragging me off of the couch, Blockbuster announced today that they will be offering free movies to Netflix customers who bring in an address flap off of their mailers. I guess they are getting … Continue reading

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Pron Prank and Your Image

I have been reading the little episode between the Microsoft RSS Team Blog and Niall Kennedy with some interest, it appears Sean Lyndersay posted an image of Niall’s from Flickr and did not post a link or attribute the photo … Continue reading

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