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Homemade Key Opens Diebold AccuVote-TS Electronic Voting Machines

We have discussed before how easy it would be to rig an election using some of today‚Äôs e-voting machines, like the ones made by Diebold. Ed Feltenof the Freedom to Tinker blog first told us how easy it would be … Continue reading

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Da Bears!

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Reminder: Ice is Slick

Bad drivers are everywhere, people who don’t think about anything but what they are doing while they are driving, talking on the cell phone, eating, putting on make up, READING, it kills me when I pass someone and they are … Continue reading

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Google Doing Electronic Billboards

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Google wants to control all advertising, and, according to some patent filings, it looks like they are definitely moving in that direction. According to an article from Clickz, a patent … Continue reading

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Google Adwords Tips

Here is a nice tip for Google Adwords that the author, Shoemoney, said increased his click thru rate by 25%. This could be huge if it works for you, the more clicks you get, the more you move up the … Continue reading

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Another Good Reason to Shop Online

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Google Changing Picasa Ads

Google is making a change to the Google Pack program they are running, they will be rolling the separate Picasa links into the main Google Pack program, and, if you ask me, making it harder, more than likely to sell … Continue reading

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