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Robots.txt Info from Google

Do you have some webpages on your site that you don’t want indexed? Do you want more control of what parts of your site the search engines, like Google, index? Google has published two parts of a three part series … Continue reading

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MyBlogLog Bans ShoeMoney

Yo, Money, it’s the shoes! Boy if there was ever a better nickname for an affiliate marketer than ShoeMoney, then I don’t know what it is. Jeremy Schoemaker is a popular affiliate marketer who was recently very supportive of MyBlogLog, … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day

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How Serious is Affiliate Marketing?

I’ve had this post sitting here for a LONG time, as you can see this post is numbered #9, and what do I do, I completely rewrite it. I just finished reading this blog entry Corruption in Affiliate Marketing by … Continue reading

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Youtube Valuation Revealed

At least for the people who sold it, that is. The question has been asked a lot the past few months, how much was it really worth? Well, to Chad Hurley, who received 694,087 shares of Google and an additional … Continue reading

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How to Avoid the Google Filters

Just read a few good articles on how to avoid some of the filters that Google uses to weed out some of the spammy sites in their index. One article called Google Filters, how to get around them and exploit … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Commercials

Check out all of the Super Bowl Commercials we have just finished uploading to Funniest Videos Online, I think we have got all of the funny 2007 commercials, we have lots from previous years as well. One of my favorites … Continue reading

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Does Your Registrar Have Your Back?

Ever since I first read about Godaddy taking the SecLists.Org site offline because of a request from Myspace, they had objected to some content someone posted to a mailing list that they archive, I have wondered if I should be … Continue reading

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Google’s Recent Problems

I have had trouble numerous times the past few days with Gmail, several times I couldn’t get on at all, I don’t think the chat has connected for me for days, widespread reports of Google Analytics not updating, mine are … Continue reading

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Google Adwords Videos and Tips

Check out all of the Google Adwords videos here for how to’s, account creation, keyword generation, ppc tools and more.

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