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Chase Sucks

Or, who not to bank with. Remember when banks were pushing the fact that they had so many ATM’s as a convenience for their customers? Remember when they were free? Well I do, and I believe I have used them … Continue reading

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Jason Calacanis’ Latest Link Bait Works

If anyone can acquire links in a short period of time, it is [tag]Jason Calacanis[/tag], currently Entrepreneur in Action at Sequoia Capital, what is that exactly Jason? Former editor and CEO at Silicon Alley Reporter, he co-founded Weblogs, Inc with … Continue reading

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First Google, Now AOL Copies Yahoo!

Remember last year when Jeremy Zawodny said Google had copied a Yahoo ad for their version of IE7? Well, it looks like AOL is getting in on the act now, they are beta testing a new version of their homepage, … Continue reading

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Stumble This Site and the Random Page Redirect

Cool little plugin courtesy of Techcrunch and Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress, called Random Redirect, which will give you a random page from your database every time you click it, I’m not going to install it, as it may lead … Continue reading

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Open Your Robots.txt File for

Here I didn’t think it could get any easier submitting sitemaps to search engines, but, it appears the search engines have decided on a sitemaps standard, and all you have to do is put one line in your robots.txt file … Continue reading

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Father and Son Reunion

I just saw this video on the Today show of this dad surprising his six year old little boy in school. The dad was in the Navy and had been gone for 7 months and the boy was in class … Continue reading

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Chikita Blog Bash 30 Days of Blogging

30 days of blogging from thirty different expert bloggers, including Chris Pirillo, someone from Gizmodo, some from problogger, someone from the gadgeteer, and many more, 26 more as a matter of fact. Thirty blogging gurus will be taking over the … Continue reading

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