Dell Launches one2one

Dell is finally joining the blogging world, can you believe it? I can’t. Wonder why the big change now, did they finally get a consultant in there who knows about the power of blogging and the “conversation” everyone can have, with or without Dell? It’s called one2one and it looks like it was inspired by Channel 9, of Scobleizer fame, and they say so in their about page.

What is Scoble’s take?

What did I tell Nestle when someone asked “how do you start?”

Listen. Listen. Listen. Er. Technorati. Technorati. Technorati.

Link to your enemies. It takes away their karmic power.

I told Quixtar to link to everyone who says that Quixtar sucks. There are QUITE A FEW!

Why do that? Well, it takes away our power to poke at your negative spots if you openly admit them. That turns throwing rocks through your front window into a boring exercise.

It’s never to early to focus on what they should be doing and most people believe they should be talking about all their bad stuff right away, such as the laptop catching on fire or the Dell Hell website, Jeff Jarvis and the famous Buzz Machine website. Who says,

It’s a blog in content management system name only.

The subtitle is “direct conversations with Dell” but this is as much a conversation as yelling at a brick wall. There is not one link there. It’s filled with promotions for Dell’s wonderfulness. The top post today from the global director of e-commerce, Manish Mehta, saying:

It is hard for me to believe that it has been 10 years for

Yes, I think I spent about 10 years on old with you guys.

Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion says,

More importantly, Dell really failed to get the blog going the way that they could have. This was a golden opportunity for the company. They could use the blog to engage the community in a genuine conversation on the critical issues that have dogged them for years now as well as the good things they are doing. (Recent pictures of a Dell computer blowing up at a conference in Japan were recently the rage in the blogosphere and now the media.) However, they chose not to.

I say give them a break, it’s been up for what 6 days? Only God works that fast. They can’t fix everything that is wrong with them in a week, but this is a giant step forward for them, let’s see how it turns out.

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