Microsoft’s Top Priority? Windows Live

Steve Ballmer, when addressing the Gartner Symposium, told them that we are in a transition to software that is live, it will be click to run, and Windows Live is their top priority. There are nearly a dozen services that are currently in beta testing on the Windows Live Ideas Web site, including, Windows Live OneCare Beta (v1.5), Beta for mobile, Windows Live OneCare Family Safety Beta, Windows Live Gallery Beta, Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta, Windows Live Writer Beta, Microsoft Office Live Beta, Windows Live Mail Beta, Windows Live Academic Search Beta, Windows Live Product Search Beta, and Windows Live QnA Beta.

Here are some that have already been released:
Windows Live Messenger – Connect and share instantly on the world’s most popular IM network
Windows Live Favorites – Your Web favorites, at home or on the go
Windows Live Expo – Buy, sell and communicate with the people you trust
Windows Live OneCare – All-in-one PC care, automatic and easy to use
Windows Live Custom Domains – Free e-mail for your Internet domain
Windows Live Toolbar – Safely search from any Web page
Windows Live Mail mobile – Fast, clean, and simple e-mail—on the go
Windows – Where your online world comes together
Windows Live Safety Scanner – Get a free PC safety scan
Windows Live Local – The world is yours

Lots of stuff going on in Windows Live, and it’s just going to get bigger, wait and see.

Windows Live is the most important initiative at Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, told the audience at the annual Gartner Symposium and IT Expo here on Oct. 10.

Ballmer also stressed that Microsoft will continue to invest in multiple core businesses: entertainment, online, enterprise and desktop. In addition, he touted the company’s legendary tenacity if success does not come quickly. “The bone doesn’t fall out of our mouth easily. We keep coming and coming and coming and coming and coming and coming.” Source: eWeek

They keep coming and coming, ask WordPerfect, ask Netscape, ask anyone who has competed against Microsoft, and you’ll see someone who was bought out or beaten, for the most part. They don’t always “win”, but they always leave a huge dent.

He also stressed the need to reduce the complexity of their products, something that has plagued Windows Vista with delay after delay. He said they need to innovate and integrate at the same time. And if they want to keep up with Google, they need to ramp up production, attract more users to Live search, attract more users to Soapbox, their version of YouTube, and get more visitors to the Windows Live blogs. Not such an easy task, as the major players are already on the field, and getting bigger everyday.

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