Learning with Little TO

Found this on SportsbyBrooks, a big sports site with lots of good looking women on it, how can you go wrong? TO is writing childrens books and the first one is Little T Learns to Share, hehe, apparently, “Just Throw Me the Damn Ball” was already taken.

The days just don’t seem long enough for all Terrell Owens tries to pack into them. With adjusting to a new team, trying to settle old scores and figuring out how many pain pills he’s already taken, it’s a wonder he has time to do anything else.

Who would have thought he had enough left over to make the world a better place for children? Source: Yahoo

The book is the first in “T.O.’s Time Out Series,” so look for the next couple of titles, “Little T. Grows Up to Be an Ass” and “Little T. Learns That Flying Batteries Hurt.”

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