Annoying Websites

There are certain websites we all visit once a week or every couple days because we are looking for information, news, scores, etc. I am going to list the ones I visit that get on my nerves, everytime I go there, and will add to this list occasionally, I’m sure, feel free to add yours in the comments below. – I love Nascar, watching the race every week, arguing with people about who the best drivers are, etc, it’s all good. When you visit the Nascar homepage, they auto start this video clip, everytime you go there, and its annoying as hell. I hate it when a website, plays sounds when you visit there, no matter if its from videos, background music etc, it doesn’t matter, DON’T DO IT. I would visit it a lot more if they didn’t. – I don’t visit this site very often, so I don’t know for sure yet if they do it everytime, but they auto start a video just like STOP IT. The second page that I visited had one of those ads that are embedded in the page, and they slide accross to the middle and stop, but this one didn’t have an “x” to close it, I had to wait until it went away to be able to completely see the page.

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