100 Million Websites – The Good Old Days

Okay everyone, pat yourselves on the back, Netcraft says we have passed 100 million websites.

Netcraft, an Internet monitoring company that has tracked Web growth since 1995, says a mammoth milestone was reached during the month of October.

“There are now 100 million Web sites with domain names and content on them,” said Netcraft’s Rich Miller.

Netcraft uses the domain name system to identify Web sites, check how many of them are in a particular location, such as what operating system and Web server software they’re running, and then publishes its information in a monthly report.

There were just 18,000 Web sites when Netcraft, based in Bath, England, began keeping track in August of 1995. It took until May of 2004 to reach the 50 million milestone; then only 30 more months to hit 100 million, late in the month of October 2006. Source: CNN

That’s a lot of spam folks, spam blogs, spam sites, scraper sites, crap for crap and more crap.

I remember not even needing a search engine because there weren’t that many sites out there, I remember Mosaic, I remember web 1.0, when it was all just links and pages of text with pictures, I remember Alta Vista, I remember being able to surf around without 3 or 4 programs to protect you, I remember people creating websites to help and not just make money, ahh, the good old days.

From the Netcraft site,

There are now more than 100 million web sites on the Internet, which gained 3.5 million sites last month to continue the dynamic growth seen throughout 2006. In the November 2006 survey we received responses from 101,435,253 sites, up from 97.9 million sites last month.

The 100 million site milestone caps an extraordinary year in which the Internet has already added 27.4 million sites, easily topping the previous full-year growth record of 17 million from 2005. The Internet has doubled in size since May 2004, when the survey hit 50 million. Source: Netcraft

Lots and lots of spam. I get so much blog link spam it is incredible, it all gets blacklisted, so eventually I will end up deleting comments by someone with a valid comment, so let me apologize in advance.

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