Wired Digital Buys Reddit, Who’s Next?

Wired Digital has announced that it is acquiring social news site Reddit, the exact terms of the deal were not disclosed. The four employee company will move to San Francisco, where they will colaborate with Wired using it’s core technology and by offering partnerships to others.

Wired Digital has purchased the personalized social news aggregation website Reddit, the company announced Tuesday.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

CondéNet, which owns and operates Wired Digital, Epicurious.com and Style.com, among other properties, plans to incorporate Reddit’s personalized news aggregation and other Web 2.0 technologies into the various online destinations maintained by CondéNet and its parent company, Condé Nast Publications. Source: Wired

Wired is looking to grow through acquisitions and by partnering with other companies. Reddit was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005.

So who is next?

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