Dell is Already Listening

Was on Scobles site and saw this article, Four little links say volumes at Dell site about the latest post on Dell’s new blog.

I think we should institute a two-week moratorium against saying anything bad about a new corporate blog. Dell already shows that they understand the power of a link. Their post this morning tells me it’s not old-school “push a message out” time but that they are watching and learning.

I agree Robert, it is going to be tough enough for them to maintain this blog from all the haters that hit some of these sites, let alone other bloggers dogging them from the start. They don’t have to control the conversation, but once they start adding to it, like in their latest post, it will start leaning their way more and more.

Yesterday was the first official day of Dell’s one2one weblog and already Jeff Jarvis and Steve Rubel were kind enough to tell us what we’re doing wrong. Thanks for the feedback, guys. We’ll keep working to get it right.

Shel Holtz weighed in a bit more constructively. Our intention with this blog is to address issues that are important to our customers. Give us some time and we’ll prove it. Robert Scoble told us to listen, and to link to the folks who don’t like us. First step was to launch Dell’s one2one. Check. We’re excited to be here, and we welcome your ideas.

Here is a quote from Holtz, who I agree with completely,

Time for a deep breath. The blog’s authors are real people serving as human touch points for customers, and given a bit of time to find its footing, one2one could very well be exactly what Jarvis, Rubel and the other critics believe it should be. But blogs do need time to find their voice—especially group blogs—and corporations don’t move at the same light speed as individual bloggers and evangelist agencies. Is there no slack to be cut among the superior early adopters who have already figured things out?

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