Google Copying Yahoo!?

That title looks funny.

Saw a post on Google Blogoscoped about how Google is now pushing a branded version of IE7, much like Yahoo has been doing, that includes the Google Toolbar and the search is of course Google’s.

When you search US-Google for IE7 (or Internet Explorer, IE, Internet Explorer 7*) you may see a Google-sponsored advertisement for “Free IE7 Download” on top, the snippet reading “Google recommends upgrading to the new, safer Internet Explorer 7”. Clicking on it brings you to a special Google page with a download of Internet Explorer 7 that has a couple of add-ons, including the Google Toolbar, and Google search set as the default search in the browser. Source: Google Blogoscoped

Well, it looks like they may have copied Yahoo there, but also, they may have copied their ad, check out this post from Jeremy Zawodny, where he says Google copied their page and slightly Googlefied it,

Was some product marketing person so uninspired that he or she decided it was “good enough” to just copy us?

Seriously, click those images and look at the full-sized versions. They’re remarkably similar. And I’ve checked with our PR group to make sure that this was just a template that Microsoft gave to all partners. It’s not.

Yikes. Even the toolbar in the Google version of the picture has bits of Yahoo still in it. Source: Google Blatantly Copies Yahoo!?

Wow, guess it can happen anywhere, wonder what the chances are that the person who created Google’s page never looked at the Yahoo page?

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