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Here is a nice tip for Google Adwords that the author, Shoemoney, said increased his click thru rate by 25%. This could be huge if it works for you, the more clicks you get, the more you move up the page for the same amount of money, and the more clicks you get, the “Google cycle” I have called it. I’ve heard of some advertisers who want people to click on their ads just to improve the score Google gives them, because it means it will eventually cost them less money and get them more traffic. I’ve even heard some mention pointing bots at their ads, not sure if they went through with it or not, but you can see the desperation.

I think the most important thing is your CTR (click through ratio). There are tricks you can learn to increase this that really have nothing to do with even your ad copy. If you are in the USA and search Google for “shoemoney” you will see this:

Notice how the bold words form a arrow like > ? That is a nice eye tracking trick that for me increased clicks by about 25% in ANY SPOT. Discovering this for me was a HUGE THING because more clicks means a higher quality score which moves you up for more exposure which means you get more clicks which… well you get the point. Source: Shoemoney

Shoemoney says he will be posting more answers to questions he receives in email every Monday, so they should be interesting, and, hopefully, more profitable for everyone. If you have never heard of Shoemoney, I think this pic from his site will give you an idea of the money he spends and makes for and from Google. In case you can’t read it, the check is for September of 2005, and the total is $132,994.97!

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