MyBlogLog Bans ShoeMoney

Yo, Money, it’s the shoes! Boy if there was ever a better nickname for an affiliate marketer than ShoeMoney, then I don’t know what it is.

Jeremy Schoemaker is a popular affiliate marketer who was recently very supportive of MyBlogLog, he actually challenged Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim fame to a contest to see who could get the most members, Andy giving away a Zune, Shoe, pimping his cute new assistant Nicole. Jeremy Zawodny actually had the nerve to call Andy a spammer because of it, and later changed it to say he messed up and apologized.

Now it appears that MyBlogLog has banned ShoeMoney from their site, as he is getting 403(Forbidden) errors on any page he visits. The reason? He showed everyone a little hack to allow them to browse websites as other users. It was nothing more than taking the unique id for each bloglog user and putting it in your cookies.txt file, but they ban a popular blogger like Jeremy, one who has almost 900 users and probably introduced many more to the site. The smart move would’ve been to fix it, which they did, and post a note on their blog. Banning a user seems pretty childish to me. Especially since it was their cookie that was not secure to start with. Andy is boycotting MyBlogLog, and others have stated they will as well, so this definitely seems like a bad move for them, this following large sites removing the code because of speed issues, such as Techcrunch.

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