Jason Calacanis’ Latest Link Bait Works

If anyone can acquire links in a short period of time, it is [tag]Jason Calacanis[/tag], currently Entrepreneur in Action at Sequoia Capital, what is that exactly Jason? Former editor and CEO at Silicon Alley Reporter, he co-founded Weblogs, Inc with Brian Alvey, which they then sold to AOL, where Jason became GM of Netscape. I’ve talked about Netscape and Jason before, first when he decided to create Netscape Navigators and pay them $1,000 a month, then when Kevin Rose weighed in on the paid posting and another when I decided Jason was right, Netscape was doing good, better even, not a lot of spam, and I even had a front pager myself a couple times.

Okay, back on topic, Jason has posted a link baiting rules article, where he tells everyone how to get a link back from him from Calacanis.com. This is a link that would probably be helpful, a page rank 7 home page, Alexa ranking approaching 10,000, even though he has talked about how easy it is to game Alexa, so, about any of his posts would be good to get a link from, although the best spot is probably in the blogroll. So, this is definitely worth pursuing, even if it is for our own personal reasons, such as SEO. He already has 37 sites linking to the link bait post, with more coming in, and all of the other links you get when other blogs link to a post, so it works, big time, if you are Jason that is, if I posted it, I would probably dropped by Google again, hehe.

I have never hung out with him, but I predict we will sometime in the future, not sure where or when, but we will, first round is on me Jason, the rest are on you. You are absolutely right about Kara Swisher, that was the only post I read, the one that you linked to, but I will be back to read some more.

Added: Okay, finally removed my link to his link baiting rules, if he’s not linking back to me then neither am I.

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