Dullard Calls Bloggers Wackos Who Don’t Get Any

When I first read Name and shame offensive bloggers by David Bullard of the Sunday Times, my first reaction was what a dickhead. Obviously this guy has strolled around Technorati, saw some of the crap that is pumped out and assumed, and we all know what happens when we assume, that all blogs are crap and he is lumping us all together. Here are some of my favorite quotes from his “article”.

Admittedly the majority of the bloggers get bored rather quickly and don’t bother to update their sites, but that’s still 70 million people (higher than the population of the UK) who desperately want to be columnists.

Most blog sites are the air guitars of journalism. They’re cobbled together by people who wouldn’t stand a hope in hell of getting a job in journalism, mainly because they have very little to say. It’s rather sad how many people think the tedious minutiae of their lives will be of any interest to anyone else.

I do, however, object to some anonymous, scrofulous nerd pumping meaningless drivel into cyberspace at all hours of the day and night simply because he can’t find a girl to sleep with him. These are the sort of wackos who gun down their fellow students at university. Source: Name and shame offensive bloggers

It’s funny that he thinks we all want to be columnists and work for a newspaper, it couldn’t be farther from the truth for me, why would I want to write a weekly column when I can post something whenever I want, as many times as I want. His regular readers had to wait until Sunday to read his crap, they can read my crap any time.

Now, that last quote was the big one for me, I don’t have to be by my computer to pump out crap into the internet if I don’t want to, hell, I could be getting some while one of my servers is pumping out crap, if that is what I want it to do. “These are the sort of wackos who gun down their fellow students at university”, that statement he needs to regret saying for awhile. Didn’t his spell checker cough when it ran across that sentence? When I saw his picture, my first thought was he was one of those dickheads who thinks he is better than everyone else, so, I read some of his other articles, well, I could only read a couple, as most seemed to try to convey the fact that he has money and does well in life, unless of course, this is part of some joke, or they are referenced somewhere else that makes more sense. I don’t know, but after I was done, respected journalist never entered my mind again.

I read some of the other blogs that were commenting, Vincent Maher says

The second point is that I think we need to demand an apology or a justification for what Bullard has said in his column, and what the Sunday Times has endorsed by publishing it – that we are the type of people who will gun down our fellows at university. If you feel the same way I do, join me in the comments section of this post or join the Facebook group. Source: David Bullard owes South African bloggers an apology

I agree, the paper should make him write an apology, but that’s not going to happen. Why? They either did it just to get some traffic from bloggers, or, they realize they screwed up and are trying to spin it like they were trying to get traffic. If you check out this page, David Bullard and the Blogosphere, you can see they are linking back to blogs that are talking about it, and they said it has generated a huge debate among readers. I don’t think debate is the correct term, as he just slammed bloggers and bloggers are now reacting to it. On that page they have five videos they made, they say they captured his response to the debate, the first one was just him reading some of the blogs and commenting a little, but it cuts him off as he was saying his article worked better than our blogs at getting attention, so that one sucks. The second one he said I got paid for writing mine, you all don’t, then he says I’m off to lunch. I stopped after 2, it was just to painful to download them and watch the little bit of commentary, I’m pretty sure I’m not missing anything.

I don’t know how much more wrong he could be in the second video, I bet that many bloggers, Michael Arrington, Vinny Langham, etc, could buy him and everything he owns over and over, but I really don’t know him, so I’ll just assume it, like he does. Vinny had a few comments on the article himself.

David Bullard : Wake up and smell the coffee – just because bloggers want independence from beaurocratic print houses and leveraging the reach of the Internet, this does not make their work of a lower quality than yours! Life is about choices, and we CHOOSE not to work for print and have editors telling us what and how to write – freedom of speech is grand!! Good luck to you though! Source: Offline Print Journalist calls Bloggers “Wackos who gun down their fellow students”

I probably shouldn’t link to his article, because I really don’t want to send them any more traffic, but I will to make it easy for everyone, but, really, I would just skip reading it, it is just one more dinosaur who will be going away soon.

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