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Lots of press about Google lately, as always, a few interesting stories to watch though, the most important will be this one.

Google Spoof’s? Google Hacked? Heather Paulson has mad some interesting discoveries running some new software, Syntryx, I’ll let you read about it yourself and make your own assumptions.

Forwarded? Parked? DNS Switching? Hacked? Why Whois showing Google as owner? Was this a registrar issue? I do not have definitive answers concerning why or how this is happening, other “big boys” in the industry have contacted me and let’s just say these guys really know what they are doing and will be figuring this out. I’m sure they will Heather….

The Great Advertising Share Shift: Google Sucks Life Out Of Old Media Everyone talks about advertising dollars shifting online, but when you’re fighting all day in the trenches it’s tough to get a handle on what this really means. Here’s what it means:

US advertising revenue at 4 big online media companies–Google (GOOG), Yahoo (YHOO), AOL (TWX), and MSN (MSFT)–grew by $1.3 billion in Q2, or 42%.

New robots.txt feature and REP Meta Tags We’ve improved Webmaster Central’s robots.txt analysis tool to recognize sitemap declarations and relative urls. Earlier versions weren’t aware of sitemaps at all, and understood only absolute URLs; anything else was reported as Syntax not understood. The improved version now tells you whether your sitemap’s URL and scope are valid. You can also test against relative URLs with a lot less typing.

Google Removes Blog Showing Leaked Facebook Code FacebookSecrets, the blog that posted the accidentally released source code for the Facebook main index page, has been taken down. The blog was hosted on the Google-owned Blogger blog network and was removed pursuant to a DMCA take down notice from Facebook.

Yahoo Edges Out Google In Satisfaction Survey It’s a safe bet that Google’s employees aren’t too happy; Yahoo has, for the first time ever, beaten them in the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey.

The Google backlash begins The Internet search giant is having a rough week — and not just because it missed Wall Street’s profit forecast. Here are four steps the company should take now to stem the fallout.

The Next President: Sponsored By Google Google with ties to the government? Say it isn’t so. WHAT BUSINESS IS GOOGLE IN? That question has been debated as much in the past two years as war strategies and national budgets. We stand just over 15 months from the election of the next U.S. president, and one thing is clear. Regardless of the debate around Google’s business, it is clear that Google is in the political business right now.

Big Corps Losing High Executives To Google… …and Startups. Fitzpatrick declared his boredom with Six Apart, and after weighing offers from Google and Facebook, has chosen…Google.

Google’s disappointing 2Q reminds Wall Street who’s in charge Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have always told Wall Street that positioning the Internet search leader to realize long-term ambitions is more important than hitting the short-term financial targets of investors.
Just in case anyone forgot, the company punctuated the point with its second-quarter results.

Google, Viacom lawsuit takes a hilarious turn Google Inc. wants to question under oath two Comedy Central stars, Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report and comedian Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, in connection with the $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit brought against the company and YouTube Inc. by Viacom International Inc.

Why newspapers are screwed by Google Perhaps the situation is even worse than Blodget thinks. Newspapers are responding to the decline of print and finding new markets by going online: The Guardian has done that very successfully. But as Jakob Nielsen pointed out in my interview last week, Google “takes a big percentage of the money. The web is a web, and that is good, but companies invest a lot of money in creating content, and the money goes to Google for indexing it.”

Google Hacks: Please Do Not Use This Program For Illegal Uses I don’t know what Google was thinking when they released Google Hacks, but it’s a sure bet most people won’t abide by the “Please do not use this program for illegal uses” disclaimer you’ll find on their download site.

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