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Whether you are a “normal” computer user or a power user, if you are looking for software that will allow you to connect to any pc you want, GoToMyPC is a program you need to check out, and check it out for FREE!

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The newest version of the popular GoToMyPC remote desktop software, will allow users to listen to music, voice-mail, videos and system sounds. Talk about feeling like your sitting at your desktop at work, not only can you view all of your files, you can run any program, access anything your computer can with one click, and, as a bonus, you can hear every sound that your computer plays. “With GoToMyPC 6.0 we are giving our customers the most complete access experience on the market,” says Brian Donahoo, vice president, products and services for Citrix Online. “In addition to easily accessing and using all of their applications and files in real time, our customers can now fully and seamlessly connect their digital lives by listening to anything stored on their PCs.” Which would make it very easy for you to create an account at and listen to the music on your home computer. Think about it, no worries about bringing your mp3′s to work, just play them from home.

In addition to remote sound, this new version also streamlines the ability to print documents remotely by eliminating set-up when printing from the host PC to a local computer. Another new feature allows easy synchronization of files and folders between the host PC and local device during sessions, enabling users to keep files the same in both locations. New Features Make Remote PC Access Faster and Easier than Ever

  • Remote Sound – Enhances productivity and satisfaction by enabling users to see their desktop and hear any sound from the host PC, including system sounds and music.
  • Remote Printing – Eliminates the technical set-up needed to print to a local machine from the host PC. The new GoToMyPC Printer driver automatically recognizes printers installed on the local client computer.
  • File Sync – Makes it fast and easy to synchronize files and folders between the host PC and remote computer during sessions. File Sync transfers files in either direction until both sides match.
  • Quick Connect and Reconnect – Allows users to connect and reconnect faster than ever from a trusted computer by creating a special desktop shortcut for a fast connection to the host PC.
  • Vista Compatibility – Offers compatibility with the latest operating systems and browsers, including Microsoft Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7.

Citrix Online offers three versions of GoToMyPC to meet the needs of individual professionals, and small and medium-sized businesses: Citrix GoToMyPC is for individual users who want remote access to 1-20 PCs; Citrix GoToMyPC Pro is for workgroups and teams with up to 20 users. It includes centralized billing and an Administration Center where managers can add, suspend and delete users and run usage reports. Citrix GoToMyPC Corporate allows organizations of all sizes to create and manage groups, control usage and feature access, and generate a wide variety of usage reports. It provides access for 20 or more users, and enables administrators to establish powerful security controls.

Gotomypc access and control your pc from anywhere

Remote control your pc

Origins of GoToMyPC in context from Wikipedia

GoToMyPC is part of a family of remote assistance products. Prior to GoToMyPC, remote assistance was primarily the domain of computer experts and hackers. Only experts can handle “securely” open the ports so that a computer could be remotely controlled only by authorized users. Thus, a computer user either had to become well-versed in security and network protocols or hire a network engineer … both expensive propositions.

GoToMyPC came in with a “new technology” that simplified both the setup and the security. By launching GoToMyPC as a hosted service, ExpertCity, later Citrix Online reduced the marginal cost of setting up each additional remote desktop to a nominal amount. Thus, ExpertCity was able to offer GoToMyPC for a monthly fee of $20 per machine, with further discounts based on annual contracts and multiple machines. In doing so, ExpertCity opened up the market to hundreds of thousand of computer users who hitherto had no remote access to their desktops. GoToMyPC thus place a major role in what the emergence of telecommuting as a new way to do work.

GoToMyPC is not the only product that offers remote desktop access. There were and are a number of competing products and technologies. Microsoft has built remote desktop support in Windows XP and Windows Vista. Competitors include BeAnywhere, PcAnywhere, LogMeIn, eBLVD, and Netviewer, as well as WebEx (which was recently acquired by Citrix, which also owns GoToMyPC). GoToMyPC, used by hundreds of thousands of people across the world, offers different security options, and multi-platform support. You can use a Linux or Apple computer to control your Windows desktop.

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