This Just In…..West Virginia Governor Resigns

West Virginia Governor Resigns
20 Dec. 2007
Charleston WV–AP

West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin said today that he is resigning to take a similar post as Governor of Michigan. Michigan offered more money. It’s as simple as that, said Manchin in an interview.
This comes on the heels of an announcement yesterday that newly-remodeled Chuck Yeager Airport in Charleston WV will be moving to Battle Creek MI to replace aging airport facilities there.

I heard Michigan is looking for a new state capitol building. Someone better tie ours down before they take that, too, said a life-long West Virginia resident.

Earlier this year West Virginia University’s basketball coach, John Beilein, was hired away by University of Michigan, and in a similar move two days ago, WVU’s football coach, Rich Rodriguez, announced his resignation to become head coach of the Michigan Wolverine football program.

WVU Professor of Zoology John White observed, Wolverines are related to weasels. They are slow, clumsy, have bad eyesight, and you can smell them a mile away.

Armed workers at the Toyota engine factory in Putnam County WV have reportedly set up patrol lines around the plant to make sure it stays put.

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