JonBenet’s Killer, John Mark Karr, in Custody

Looks like they may have the person who killed JonBenet Ramsey in custody, although this certainly is not for sure yet, he, John Mark Karr, has admited to killing her, but says it was an accident.

“He said he was in love with the girl, and on the day the incident happened, he went to see the girl at her house. The two of them went into the basement, which is where he said he accidentally killed her,” Suwat told reporters.

In a brief appearance before reporters, the 41-year-old Karr was asked if he killed the child and said: “No, I did not. It was an accident.” Source: Yahoo.

Ya, an accident, after he went downstairs to the basement with a six year old. I tell you what the accident was, the accident was you being born. He said he was in love with a six year old, now, this is certainly okay if you are a parent or relative, but a grown man in love with a six year old? He needs shot right now. I guess everone who said it was the dad who did it can feel bad now, even if they made it look fishy themselves, the way they released info, etc.

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