Dell Knew About Battery Problems for Years

As everyone is aware, Dell has recalled over 4.1 million batteries in it’s laptops because some of these batteries have caught on fire. But an article on says that Dell knew about the problem for over two years. A former technician from Dell says the company recieved hundreds of laptops that were melted or burnt because of the defective battery. The technicain, Robert Day, says he downloaded hundreds of photos and shared them with, though I did not see any posted on the site. Mr Day said he left Dell and went to work for Apple after reporting a Dell executive in a sex scandal.

These batteries were made by Sony and were placed in some models of Dell’s Latitude, Inspiron, XTS and precision mobile workstation notebooks that were shipped between April 1, 2004, and July 18 of this year.

He said after Dell started using the Sony batteries in 2003, the PSI started receiving so many charred laptops that Day’s lab, located next to the PSI, had to store many of the laptops.

Day said he didn’t know how many charred laptops Dell received as a result of the batteries, but said it was, “in the hundreds.”

Day sent ConsumerAffairs.Com over 300 photographs of about 100 different laptops. It appears that about 12 of those melted laptops were the result of the battery while the rest were from various other electrical shorts and CPU fan failures. He said there were many more battery-burned laptops than that, but he only had access to one technician’s archives.

Day now works as a technician for Apple and said he left Dell after he turned in a Dell executive involved in a sex scandal. Dell did not return two phone calls. Source:

Some of the possible side affects of this recall is that airline regulators may ban laptops from planes.

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