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Greenpeace has launched a parody site of Apple.com, I guess to shame them into changing some of their production methods, and become greener and more environmental. The only mention of any other computer manufacturer I saw was Dell and HP supporting the bring it back plan, called Individual Producer Responsibility.

We love Apple. Apple knows more about “clean” design than anybody, right? So why do Macs, iPods, iBooks and the rest of their product range contain hazardous substances that other companies have abandoned? A cutting edge company shouldn’t be cutting lives short by exposing children in China and India to dangerous chemicals. That’s why we Apple fans need to demand a new, cool product: a greener Apple.

We’re Greenpeace, and we want a fresh green Apple.

Right now, poison Apples full of chemicals (like toxic flame retardants, and polyvinyl chloride) are being sold worldwide. When they’re tossed, they usually end up at the fingertips of children in China, India and other developing-world countries. They dismantle them for parts, and are exposed to a dangerous toxic cocktail that threatens their health and the environment. Source: http://www.greenpeace.org/apple/

They mention different ways to help get the word out, one was to use the tag [tag]greenmyapple[/tag].

You’d think that a company with headquarters at ’1 Infinite Loop,’ would understand the concept of recycling. If Apple is really so proud of its well-made products there shouldn’t be any problem promoting a global take-back program for all of its products.

They say on the site they are focusing on improvements that will help stem the tide of toxic e-waste.

Apple has good taste, and we want that flavor to last.

And, of course, taste. Via tuaw.com.

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